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Your God’s Too Big

Nine days. For nine days our pet German Shepherd/Retriever mix named Chloe was lost to us. I should’ve seen it coming, though. We moved from an area in West Palm Beach, Florida that provided more than enough property Chloe to sprint and play and dig (I hated that part).

The Only Message I’m Called to Preach

This past Sunday, I was ordained as a Baptist minister of the gospel by my sending church, Beacon Baptist Church. I have been called to serve Grace Baptist Church of Southwest Ranches, Florida, under the shepherding of Pastor Jay Hartzell. I am humbled by the seriousness of this call and the urgency of the message with which I have been entrusted.

When God Closes the Door & Shuts the Windows

Perhaps the harshest word we ever hear growing up is also one of the shortest: “No.” “No” is a small word that packs an enormous amount of power. It has the ability to both prevent and protect. Growing up, we almost singularly see the prevention side of this command, seeing “no” as merely a barrier hemming us in.

New Year, New Me, Same Old Grace

The irony is not lost on me with what I’m going to announce today. Go back twelve months to January 2017 and you’ll find an eerily similar piece I wrote about a season of “transitions and change” that Natalie and I were bracing for. A new chapter was supposedly opening up for us.

Holding on to the Hope of the Morning

I can’t tell you the last time I watched the news — CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or otherwise. The reason for this is twofold. Mostly because my time’s spent on other things or with more important people. But the primary reason is because I don’t have room for the dreadful topics that make up the bulk of the headlines.

The Stamina to Be Invisible

There’s a quote I read recently and I can’t get it out of my mind. So, I hope to get it stuck in yours too. It comes from Zack Eswine’s superb book, The Imperfect Pastor. And it’s not so much an inspiring or earth-shattering sentence that’s easily tweetable.