Interview with Dead Men

I am really loving the advent of the podcast platform. As a podcaster myself, the opportunities it has afforded me to meet and learn about other brothers in Christ is truly a blessing. One of the real passions behind the Ministry Minded Podcast is listening to and giving space for other believers to share their story of how God drew them to himself. I find this fascinating because each story is different, yet the same. God’s always drawing dead sinners by grace, but the manner in which he draws them is marvelously diverse. God masterminds a myriad of things and events and seasons and people in our lives to bring sinners to repentance. And I love hearing about that.

It was a privilege, then, when I was asked by the folks at Dead Men to jump on their podcast and talk about the same thing. I was so honored and encouraged to talk with Craig Thighe and share the way Jesus saved me and continues to sustain me, even through a tumultuous 2017.

I pray this interview encourages you and serves to enlighten you in some small way. Thanks for listening! Soli Deo Gloria!