Interview with Troy McLaughlin & the Project Pastor Podcast

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most experienced guy when it comes to vocational ministry. Sure, I’ve been around the church for basically my whole life. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I was pretty much born in Sunday School. Having a father and both grandfathers serving as pastors will do that. Yet, even with this familiarity with church, there’s much I don’t know about the ministry.

Nevertheless, it was an absolute honor to be asked to be a guest on the Project Pastor Podcast, with host Troy McLaughlin. In this show, Troy endeavors to chat with pastors and get a sense of their ministry environments and experiences, and find the common grace in them all. I love talking about the ministry and the gospel and the Jesus who’s the reason for it all. And this show offered another opportunity to do just that.

I pray this interview encourages you and serves to enlighten you in some small way.