Interview with Meiko Seymour & The Altitude Collective

There’s been no shortage of moments over the past 12–18 months when I’ve thought about quitting this whole social media thing. There’s a part of me that’s pretty sure that my present happiness levels will increase significantly. Yet, at the same time, there’s another part of me that’s grateful for some of the connections and associations and, indeed, friendships I’ve been able to foster through various social mediums. And that’s truly the only thing that’s keeping me on there.

One such connection that has blossomed into true brotherhood is that of Meiko Seymour. Meiko is a pastor living and serving in St. Petersburg, Florida. We were connected through the online ministry The Majesty’s Men and have stayed in close contact ever since. Meiko continually challenges me to think and articulate the gospel in profound and authentic ways. I am so grateful for his friendship and constant support throughout our years of online ministry.

It was an honor, then, when he not only asked me for insights on launching his own podcast, but also asked me to be a guest. I am thrilled to share with you this conversation with Meiko on The Altitude Collective Podcast, a show that’s geared towards connecting you with deeper thought, faith, dreams, and relationships. In this discussion, we talk about being young pastors and what happens when the best laid plans go sideways.

I pray this interview encourages you and serves to enlighten you in some small way.