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The Impossibility of Salvation

The salvation of wretched sinners by an omni-holy and forever-righteous God is, by all accounts, a categorical impossibility. The logic of righteousness insists as much, not permitting even the smallest ounce of sin to blemish the remarkable majesty of the Lord’s perfection.

Feeding Upon the Word: Psalm CXIX Part 13

The law is such an adverse subject among believers. It gets a bad rap among many and too much attention for many others. Confusion and angst surround the law and any dialogue about it. Anytime it’s brought up in lectures, sermons, or discussions, an ominous cloud immediately descends.

Why Do We Fall?

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy revitalized a dead film franchise. Of all the feature films starring the Caped Crusader, none have resonated tonally and thematically like the visionary director’s innovative series of films, especially the middle installment, The Dark Knight.

That’s Not Fair

Imagine, if you will, that you had a sibling, a brother or sister — a twin, let’s say. Perhaps you don’t have to imagine too hard and this reality is all too real. But you and your sibling get along usually well, save for the occasional scuffle or two. One day, your mother calls you both in from rough-housing outside, coaxing you with ice cream.

Like a Good Neighbor, Jesus Is There: A Sermon from Luke 10

Jesus’s parable of “The Good Samaritan” is, perhaps, the parable that has endured the most moralizing by Bible teachers and preachers. The moral of the story has become, “Which neighbor are you?” with the incentive and intention of making “good Samaritans” out of all of us. But was that Jesus’s point? Looking again at the context of Luke 10 will provide some surprising answers.

I’m Not Okay, & That’s Okay

I am not okay. I don’t have everything together. As much as I long for perfection, I’m most assuredly not. I can safely and accurately declare right along with the apostle Paul, that I’m a sinner, just like everyone else, and of sinners, I’m probably the king.