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The Religio-Political Tenor of the Acts of the Apostles

The undercurrent of the Acts of the Apostles is an uneasy one, to say the least. After the murder of their revolutionary leader, it was thought that Jesus’s disciples would disperse and his teachings dissipate. But, in fact, the exact opposite occurred. Jesus’s message of forgiveness spread like wildfire throughout the known world. The world was subsequently “turned upside down” by the apostles’ doctrine.

Stephen & the Unlikely Message of Salvation: A Sermon from Acts 6 & 7

In Acts 6 and 7, we are given the account of Stephen’s trial, sermon, and execution. What’s most intriguing about his sermon, however, is its utter lack of personal defense or excuse for his words and actions. In fact, Stephen doubles-down on his faith and makes an adamantine presentation for the gospel of the crucified and resurrected Christ in one of the most important discourses in all the Bible.