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The Things Concerning Himself

In 2018, Ligonier Ministries released an updated version of their “State of Theology” survey, in which participants were asked to respond to numerous statements regarding the Bible, theology, and ethics, with the goal of uncovering the “theological temperature” of the modern evangelical landscape. Perusing the findings of the survey left me dumbfounded and startled and burdened.

All Scripture Is Pure Christ: A Sermon from 2 Corinthians 1, Acts 8, Luke 24

How would you answer the question, “What is the Bible about?” What is its point? Its message? Its overarching story? There are over 30,000 verses and 66 books in the canonical Scriptures, but what are they all saying? Churchgoers ought to know what their Bible says. It only makes sense if the system of belief that defines your entire life is derived from a book that you know what that book says. Such is modern Christianity’s biggest problem: the utter lack of biblical understanding.

God’s Reach of Grace: A Sermon from Acts 7 & 8

The story of the apostle Paul’s conversion is a remarkable example of the power and reach of God’s grace. From darkness to light, Paul is pulled by the Spirit from a life of violence to a life of service; from a life of self-preservation and self-promotion to a life of sacrifice and surrender. We are, therefore, made to marvel at the illimitable, uncontainable hand of God in our salvation.

God’s Reach of Grace

The Scriptures really are God’s story of grace in our lives. Every book, every page, shows us more of God’s everlasting mercy and unilateral love for wayward, wretched people — the lost, the strays, the injured, the weak.