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Superabundant Salvation

Perhaps the deadliest tool in the devil’s assault on the Christian faith begins with the deception that the work of salvation is only partially done. The lie is that Jesus got you part of the way, but if you really want in, if you really want to be a Christian, you have to do something else.

Seeing Jesus Clearly: A Sermon from Mark 8

Mark 8 records for us perhaps the strangest and most prescient healing performed by Christ. Taking the entire chapter into account, we are made to understand precisely what our Lord was doing and saying and showing about himself. It is through this odd occurrence that we are given a luminary portrait of Christ Jesus as Savior and King.

When God Closes the Door

Perhaps the harshest word we ever hear growing up is also one of the shortest: “No.” “No” is a small word that packs an enormous amount of power. It has the ability to both prevent and protect.

The Bigness of the Gospel

The notion of “easy believism” predominantly has a negative connotation. Its common usage is from those who wish to squash the idea that faith alone is necessary for salvation. Or by those who deem the burgeoning message of free grace as a threat to their moralistic systems of discipleship, spiritual growth, and mentoring.

The Word of Hope: Psalm CXIX Part 4

One word that has surely been hijacked and diluted from its original meaning is the word “hope.” Nowadays, when one says they “hope so,” it’s usually said without any real certainty that said thing will occur. It’s more of a wishing and a dreaming of it to happen.

What Is Faith?

It may strike you as odd or strange to find that the notion of “faith” isn’t directly defined anywhere in Scripture. Yes, the writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews quickly defines faith in the chapter 1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”