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Here We Go: Confidence in the Ministerial Mandate

Well, we made it to Pennsylvania. Natalie and I completed the final leg of the journey northward last weekend after spending some time with my parents in South Carolina. We drove through the night on Friday and arrived in Pennsylvania last Saturday morning, spending the bulk of Saturday resting and recouping. We were blessed, however, by several visitors who have already made us feel at home.

New Year, New Me, Same Old Grace

The irony is not lost on me with what I’m going to announce today. Go back twelve months to January 2017 and you’ll find an eerily similar piece I wrote about a season of “transitions and change” that Natalie and I were bracing for. A new chapter was supposedly opening up for us.

Waiting, Resting, & Learning

It’s been nearly a month since my last real column. I took that break for a few reasons, chiefly among them to recharge and refocus myself after the torrent of the weeks before. And wouldn’t you know it, that when you ask God to help you slow down, he obliges?

Paul Tripp’s Dangerous Calling

I think there are only three types of books out there: those that entertain you, those that educate you, and those that expunge you. In case you were wondering, Paul Tripp’s Dangerous Calling is most assuredly in that last group.