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The Hope of a Heavenly Boy

The ensuing lines come from a poem entitled, “New Heaven, New War” by Robert Southwell, a Jesuit priest, missionary, and poet in post-Reformation England. It is my estimation that these are some of the most fervent, worshipful lines that could be reflected upon this Christmas.

The Wonder of the Wise Men: A Sermon from Matthew 2

Nativity scenes are strange to me. They’re strange because we’ve decided, against all evidence to the contrary, that we have to have the wise men from the east in attendance at Jesus’s birth. And, as Matthew 2 tells us, our stubborn insistence to include them at the nativity exposes our lack of understanding why we remember the wise men in the first place.

Lessons from the Messiah in a Manger: A Sermon from Luke 2

All the uncanny glory of the gospel is found in the business of the Incarnation. All its majesty is there, too. For it’s not just that the Christ child was born where beasts dwell, it’s that after he was born he was placed where beasts feed. The manger where Jesus was laid is, in fact, a signpost heralding the wideness of God’s mercy

The Economics of the Incarnation

I don’t like the axiom, “Remember the reason for season.” Christians like to brandish this phrase on all manner of social media posts as they opine a society that has seemingly forgotten what Christmas is all about. The commercialization of Christmas has superseded the meaning of the season.

Advent Angst

For many, Christmas is anything but the “most wonderful time of the year.” Rather, it’s the most excruciatingly, painfully dark time of the year. It reminds them of past “would’a-coulda’s” and “should’ve-been’s.” The gifts received are nothing compared to the treasures lost.

Eternity in a Feeding Trough

The drum of Scripture continually beats a theme that, unless consciously and carefully observed, will go largely unnoticed. Some portions of the inspired Word speak to this theme louder than others. Others require a vigilant reading between-the-lines interpretation to decipher what the Lord’s telling us.

A Savior vs. Santa: Merry Christmas, Sinners!

Growing up, I never really believed in Santa Claus. You can call that a parenting travesty if you wish. I don’t, however. I am thankful that it was never instilled in me to believe in this omniscient, omnipresent man who’d reward you on December 25th for all the good you’ve done throughout the past 360-odd days.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, readers! Thank you so much for sticking with me this past year. I’m looking forward to many more exciting things to come in 2017 — chief of which is the birth of my daughter, Lydia!

Recovering the Remarkability of Our Redemption

I think one of the most unintentionally hilarious songs during the Christmas season is the umpteenth rendition of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” — because despite the wonderful sentiment, it’s not always the “hap-happiest season of all.” Sometimes, it’s quite the opposite.

Remarkable Redemption

With our ever-increasing commercialized society, words have lost much of their former weight and glory. The power and emphasis they held and arrested our minds with is now reduced to a slight pause. We’re no long capture or enthralled by the written language, save for when it’s constructed into 140-characters, or less.