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Turning Up the Brightness: A Sermon from Ephesians 5

In Ephesians 5, the apostle Paul continues his discourse directed to the Ephesian church in which he is describe what their spiritual walk, empowered by grace, should look like. He shifts the conversation of the letter from the Christian’s position to the Christian’s practice. After spending the majority of the early part of the letter expounding the boundless nature of God’s love, Paul begins to speak to their walk as God’s children. Without forgetting this love, then, how does God’s love inform our walk?

Breaking Through Our Blindness: A Sermon from Mark 8

Mark 8 is, perhaps, the lynchpin chapter of Mark’s Gospel account. In it, we have the apostle Peter’s confession of The Christ. But it also records for us one of the strangest miracles written down in Scripture. As Jesus heals the blind man from Bethsaida, he was making a specific and significant point to his apostles (and us). Through it, he was revealing who he is and who he is for.

When God Says No: A Sermon from 1 Chronicles 17

What happens when God says no? What’s your reaction to God’s denial? Do you throw a tantrum like a child? Or do you take it in stride trusting in his sovereignty? Your reaction to God’s negative replies reveals what you’re relying on and trusting in for your success, for you life. And learning from David’s response in 1 Chronicles 17, we are made to be encouraged, even when God says no.

Two Types of Churchgoers: A Sermon from Luke 18

The churchgoers that populate the pews every Sunday each come with their own backstory. For good or ill, they’ve been drawn to church. But notwithstanding their circumstances, God’s gospel perfectly speaks to them in their need. Whether you’re running from God in rebellion or trying to win God’s favor with your religion, his grace is for you.

The Perfect Messiah for Messed Up People: A Sermon from Matthew 1

To be quite frank, from a human perspective, there are portions of Scripture that can be difficult to read. Sometimes it’s hard to get through them; and they become a slog. I’m referring mostly to the genealogies that pepper the Old Testament and preface the New. These listings of “who begat who” are, at first, a chore to read. But when you are made to realize that these genealogies are made to point you to Jesus, they taken on an entirely new meaning.

Suffering Honestly: A Sermon from Romans 8

The tragedies of life are the parts that remain the most perplexing. It is difficult to understand why a particularly traumatic season is allowed to endure. Sadly, some that have tried to explain these situations and reason away the pain and adversity have done more harm than good to those who are truly hurting. Thus, a fresh look at the apostle Paul’s discussion of suffering in Romans 8.