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It’s Not Up to You

You have to believe me when I say that it’s not my intent to carry on eviscerating children’s television. I’m only in my late-twenties but I fear my online persona at times comes across too curmudgeonly. Nevertheless, the vocals from my 2-year-old’s favorite Disney Junior show recently assaulted my eardrums . . . and my theology.

It’s the Little Things

We recently took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to see the Boston Celtics face off against the Golden State Warriors in the TD Garden in the heart of downtown Boston. This was easily one of my favorite experiences. As an ardent NBA fan, and Golden State hater, it was a joy to join the virulent Celtic-fanbase in throwing jeers at the visiting Warriors players.

The Day the Sun Stood Still: A Sermon from Joshua 10

I am always leery of stories that publish that claim to corroborate Scripture. I’m conflicted when I read stories like these. On one hand, I’m intrigued by something ancient being found and “proving” Scripture. On the other hand, I’m saddened that stories like this garner so much attention and are gobbled up by Christians everywhere. We like stories like this because we think, “Aha, see, I told you so!” But the Bible never defends its veracity, it assumes it.