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Theological Affirmations on the Sanctity of Human Life

In the beginning, God spoke and time began. (Gen. 1:1ff) Galaxies came to be; stars and worlds, fauna and flora were birthed in divine thought. Their existence is the very expression of divine creativity. In the climax heavenly imagination, the Artist affirms that “it was very good indeed.” (Gen. 1:31) This pronouncement succeeds the Trinitarian prerogative to shape man in the similitude of his own person.

Pollution, Sunsets, Grace, & Glory

I must confess to you that I don’t often sit and thank God for sunsets. They’re sequestered with those other divine blessings that are easily overlooked and forgotten. With ease, we daily, hourly even, forget the blessings we’ve been gifted by grace.

Trying to Fill the Eternal Void: The Story of Everything

We recently passed the one year anniversary of the death of a comedic legend. In the middle of August 2014, acclaimed actor and artist Robin Williams died of an apparent suicide. The news certainly came as a shock and violently rocked the media. Even more jarring are the facts that he had hung himself, dying of asphyxiation, with no involvement of drugs or alcohol.