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The Cruciform Emphasis of the Johannine Gospel

Of the Gospels, it could be asserted that the Johannine version is that which is most replete with cruciform language. Though each Gospel makes its own “turn” towards Jerusalem and, therefore, towards the cross, John’s narrative is uniquely concerned with the Son of Man’s accomplishments on Golgotha’s tree.

God’s Divine Cross-Centered Purpose

Despite being a large book with a vast history, the Bible tells one story. This, indeed, is what makes it such a miraculous book. Even though its pages comprise words and letters from 40 different authors, spanning approximately 1,500 years, the Bible has one note, one plot line: Christ crucified for sinners.

Don’t Misrepresent the Cross

A few weeks ago, I had the “privilege” of sitting under some pretty bad teaching. I’ve often heard illustrations by others of hearing and experiencing flawed preaching, but I haven’t been privy to it firsthand that frequently. But on this occasion, I found myself squirming in my seat.

Expunging Yesterday’s Garbage

Yesterday’s are sinister. They’re filled with unfinished projects, incomplete assignments, unkind words, and unsaid feelings, among many other fragments of life that threaten today. Yesterday is a haunting memory for most of us.

The Purpose of the Cross

Christianity is strange indeed. No, I’m not talking about some of its adherents, though that may be true — rather, just Christianity in general. Have you ever really thought about it? Christians use an instrument of untold pain, torture, and execution as their call card.

Through the Fire: A Sermon from Daniel 3

The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is one of the most famous in all of Scripture. The account of these three young Hebrew hostages resolutely standing on behalf of the God they believed in and were sure of stands a testament to the power of faith and the gospel. Their story, though, takes on even greater meaning when you realize who it was that was in the fire with them.

Turning Our World Upside-Down

Have you ever really thought about how crazy your salvation is? You may have never thought of it in those terms, but truly, your redemption and rescue from eternal damnation is a jarring truth, one that should spawn tears of joy and shouts of praise. It’s baffling that such a salvation is proffered for those who are bona fide criminals.

The Dying Thief

I’ve said before, and I’ll continue to reiterate it, that God’s Word really is his matchless Word of grace. The story which the Scriptures tell is one of redemption, deliverance, and forgiveness: it’s the story of God’s Son, the embodiment of the Father’s mercy.

Motivation to Live for Jesus

What’s our motivation to live for Jesus? Why do we do it? Why do we do what we do? Why make the sacrifice? Why make the effort? Why go to a building every weekend and do this thing called “church” with people that are, most of the time, just putting up religious fronts anyways?