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The Beast of the Field in Your Own Heart: A Sermon from Daniel 4

In chapter 4 of Daniel’s prophecy, a Babylonian king is transformed into a “beast of the field.” Pride has been doing the same thing ever since. Such is what happens when we attempt to usurp God’s rightful place as King of our lives — when we think we can be “like God.” To give into pride is the Serpent’s great ruse. (Gen. 3:5) It’s to believe the lie that we are sufficient, we are sovereign, we are superior, so much so that we can fabricate our own goodness and chase our own glory without consequence. Pride is “the beast of the field” that lurks in all our hearts.

The Beast of Sin & the Hammer of the Law: A Sermon from Daniel 4

There is a beast lurking within all of us. An animal we often feed without realizing until it rears its ugly head and roars for all to hear. This beast affects us all, from Adam all the way down. The story of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar perfectly illustrates and portrays the tragedies of feeding this beast. The beast of sin is pride and the hammer that defeats it is the law.