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Fireworks & Faith

I love fireworks. I have very fond memories of watching the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on television. As weird as it may sound to *watch* fireworks on a TV screen, I loved the concert and fanfare of it all, especially when they’d time the pyrotechnics to pulsating pop numbers.

The Freedom of Dependence

July Fourth is, perhaps, the most American day there is. It’s a day we remember when we asserted our liberty from the tyrannical rule of Britain and separated ourselves as the American colonies. It’s the day in 1776 when the Second Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence.

Ascension by Descension

We Christians are a forgetful bunch. We’re often confused and discombobulated. We so desperately want our goodness and virtue to account for something we’ve misrepresented the entire course of the Christian life — we’ve deemed our pious performance to be of greater weight, importance, and significance than the performing Person.

Destroying Our Self-Sufficiency

There are so many misconceptions about the Bible, but there’s one truth about it that’s inescapable, and must be realized and readily admitted before any serious study of it can ensue: that is, the Bible isn’t about you! Yes, the Bible is for you, but it’s not about you.