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Faith, Depression, & Clinging to the Rumor of Grace

For the past several weeks, I have been unable to escape the incredible sermon that was delivered by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. What caught my attention, though, was learning that Mr. Gerson delivered this sermon only a few short days after being discharged from the hospital for depression.

When God Closes the Door

Perhaps the harshest word we ever hear growing up is also one of the shortest: “No.” “No” is a small word that packs an enormous amount of power. It has the ability to both prevent and protect.

God’s Help Our Hope: Psalm CXIX Part 11

Verse 81 begins the 11th stanza of Psalm 119, which serves to be not only its midpoint but also its midnight. The psalmist is brought into a place of deep anguish and depression, a state of nearly continual grief. Also obvious in this stanza, though, is his conviction to persist in reposing upon God’s Word.