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The False Gospel of The Bachelorette

I didn’t want to write this. You have to believe me when I say that I really didn’t want to comment on this silly, exaggerated spat between reality TV personalities. I know these waters are tumultuous, to say the least. But as I reflected on the story as a whole, I realized there was far more to this scene than just an over-the-top, highly-produced dating show confrontation. Actually, she’s the one that started it.

For the Sake of the Name: A Sermon from 3 John

It is an encouraging and emboldening truth to know that God uses the weak and insignificant people of this world to expand his kingdom. God has uniquely chosen the foolish to shame the wise in this mission to exalt his name. Such is what Paul says to the Corinthians in his first letter to them. It is God’s prerogative to assign the great mandate of the Great Commission to frail, feeble creatures like us. 3rd John speaks to this point excellently, showing both God’s gracious choice of us and our function as his children.

#39: On My Testimony of Salvation

In this episode of Ministry Minded, I share my salvation testimony, the story of how God drew me to himself. It’s not that I suppose my testimony is crucial to tell; rather, I think each of our stories are equally important. No testimony of salvation is “better” or greater than the other.

Jesus Is Always Worth It

In November of 1887, a boy by the name of William Whiting Borden was born. He’s undoubtedly unknown to you, and that’s probably how he would’ve wanted it. Nevertheless, in his day, Borden was a noteworthy descendant of a significant family.

The Dark Side & the Light: A Sermon from Ephesians 5

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is a comprehensive letter encompassing the entirety of the Christian life. The apostle’s adamant representation of the gospel of grace is what leads him to write about what this grace does in the life of a believer. In chapter 5, then, Paul moves and strives to show that it is this same grace of God that delivers us that also makes us different.

A sermon from Ephesians 5.

Dependent, Obedient, Biblical Faith

When endeavoring to define faith in the biblical sense, teachers and preachers hasten to bring their audience to Hebrews 11. This, of course, is the “faith chapter,” or the “hall of faith” (as it’s commonly called), in which we’re made to see this heroic faithfulness as displayed in the lives of many prominent Scriptural figures.

Paul Tripp’s Awe

Perhaps the most overused word in all the English language is the word “awesome.” We call people, places, and moments awesome without any real regard for the true meaning of the term. In fact, the word is so colloquial that it’s almost a slang word now.

Uninterrupted Affection: Psalm CXIX Part 15

The germ of sin is a distortion of right and proper affections. With man usurping God’s authority, so, too, did he adulterate the affections God instilled in him to have. Where before he loved righteousness and holiness and all that is good, now mankind is incessantly driven after perversion, pleasure.