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Going Spelunking: The Cavernous Grace of the Gospel

The opening verses of Ephesians 2 are among the most significant in all the pages of Scripture. In a mere ten verses, the apostle Paul upends nearly every presupposed notion about religion, the church, and the believer’s life in Christ. In this text, the Spirit of God, through the pen of a stubborn apostle, single-handedly dismantles any and all preconceived notions about how the Christian life is supposed to work.

Turning Up the Brightness: A Sermon from Ephesians 5

In Ephesians 5, the apostle Paul continues his discourse directed to the Ephesian church in which he is describe what their spiritual walk, empowered by grace, should look like. He shifts the conversation of the letter from the Christian’s position to the Christian’s practice. After spending the majority of the early part of the letter expounding the boundless nature of God’s love, Paul begins to speak to their walk as God’s children. Without forgetting this love, then, how does God’s love inform our walk?

The Synoptic Problem & Sola Scriptura

When one refers to the “Synoptic Problem,” one is endeavoring to address a fundamental question in Scriptural textual criticism: “What is the best explanation for the textual similarities and differences between Matthew, Mark, and Luke?” (Baum, 911) How one determines a solution to this supposed problem discloses the source of one’s faith.

The Saltiness of the Costliness of Grace

One of the more intriguing sayings of Jesus which is recorded in each of the Synoptic Gospels is his comparison of the disciples of God to the “salt of the earth.” Found in Matthew 5:13; Mark 9:49–50; and Luke 14:34–35, one can read a similarly repeated axiom of the Lord Jesus. Yet, when one considers the contextual surroundings in each instance, a different hue is cast upon this illustrious saying.

Grace Has No Expiration Date

I like you probably, have an uncontrollable aversion to any food product that is past its expiration date. Even if it’s only by a few hours. I don’t care what food or drink you give me, if it’s anywhere close to being over that “best by” date, to me it’s an offering straight from the devil’s kitchen that’ll surely torment my bowels.

The Dark Side & the Light: A Sermon from Ephesians 5

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is a comprehensive letter encompassing the entirety of the Christian life. The apostle’s adamant representation of the gospel of grace is what leads him to write about what this grace does in the life of a believer. In chapter 5, then, Paul moves and strives to show that it is this same grace of God that delivers us that also makes us different.

A sermon from Ephesians 5.

How the Spirit Works Faith in Us: A Sermon from Galatians 5

We often misunderstand the concept of faith, which breeds all manner of harebrained schemes to define faith on new grounds. We’ve trained ourselves to stand in wonder at the heroic, patriarchal faith of the most prominent biblical figures and see their success as God blessing their faithfulness. This has become the bar for “victorious Christian living.” But I’d say that nothing could be further from the truth.