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Faith, Depression, & Clinging to the Rumor of Grace

For the past several weeks, I have been unable to escape the incredible sermon that was delivered by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. What caught my attention, though, was learning that Mr. Gerson delivered this sermon only a few short days after being discharged from the hospital for depression.

God Loves Dark Comedies

Comedy is, perhaps, the most subjective of the arts. Humorous entertainment strikes some in the funny bone and whizzes over the heads of others, leaving a large no-man’s-land where factions manifest as devotees to some comedic form or another champion the cause of their realm of humor as being the purest or most “hashtag lit.”

When God Says No: A Sermon from 1 Chronicles 17

What happens when God says no? What’s your reaction to God’s denial? Do you throw a tantrum like a child? Or do you take it in stride trusting in his sovereignty? Your reaction to God’s negative replies reveals what you’re relying on and trusting in for your success, for you life. And learning from David’s response in 1 Chronicles 17, we are made to be encouraged, even when God says no.

Freedom from Fretting

One of the oldest and most common questions among Christ-followers is this: “Why does an infinitely good and infinitely loving God let bad things happen to his chosen and covenant people?” It’s an interesting conundrum.