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Comforting Words for the End Times: A Sermon from Revelation 1

Whenever I hear a speaker open with the words, “Turn to the Book of Revelation,” I tend to get a little uneasy. I get nervous because I never know how that speaker is going to handle the mysterious material in the book. Oftentimes, the comfort derived out of Revelation is from “knowing what’s going to happen.” But, very plainly, that’s not even close to the comfort Jesus gives.

Seeking Comfort for the End of the World

I tend to get apprehensive whenever a speaker stands and tells me they’re going to unravel the mystery of the Book of Revelation. I shift in my seat and start to feel uneasy as they delve into the signification and symbolism of all the illustrative passages of the Bible’s most perplexing book.

The Cataclysmic Comfort of King Christ: A Sermon from Revelation 1

Sermons from the Book of Revelation tend to make me nervous. I squirm in my pew when I hear the words, “Turn in your Bible to the Book of Revelation.” This is usually because the speaker is about to “impress” with their eschatological knowledge and expertise. However, such trepidation at Revelation is unfounded, and such eschatological dot-connecting superfluous when you consider the first five words of the entire book.