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Our Better, Happy Father: A Sermon from 1 Timothy 1

We all have different relationships with our fathers. Some hate their fathers; others have fathers they adore. Some are absent; others are lovingly present. There’s beauty and brokenness in every home, especially when it comes to dads. Unfortunately, we’ve ascribed much of our own interactions and feelings and emotions we have for our dads to our Heavenly Father. But God is a much better, truer father.

Good But Not Safe: A Sermon from Matthew 20

Whether it’s seeing unsaved people prosper and succeed at everything they do, or fellow-Christians get all the opportunities, accolades, and limelight, sometimes it just seems as if you’re always dealt the short straw. Why would God let his chosen people suffer and struggle and endure such travesties while those who are in love with debauchery and depravity thrive and find abundant success? This isn’t fair! But once those words have gone heavenward we stand on dangerous ground.