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Meekness Is Not Weakness: A Sermon from Galatians 5

Many make the mistake in believing that meekness is a trait that is associated with weakness. If you are a meek person, you’re a doormat, a person who gets walked over by the CEOs and superstars. But such an understanding completely misses what meekness is. Furthermore, meekness isn’t merely “strength under control.” In actuality, meekness is understanding where your true strength lies.

How the Spirit Works Faith in Us: A Sermon from Galatians 5

We often misunderstand the concept of faith, which breeds all manner of harebrained schemes to define faith on new grounds. We’ve trained ourselves to stand in wonder at the heroic, patriarchal faith of the most prominent biblical figures and see their success as God blessing their faithfulness. This has become the bar for “victorious Christian living.” But I’d say that nothing could be further from the truth.

Joy & the Terrible Search: A Sermon from Ecclesiastes 1 & 3

French theologian and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “All men seek happiness . . . This is the motive of every action of man, even of those who hang themselves.” The brazenness of this quote reveals a startling truth: everyone’s looking for lasting joy. Even those who commit suicide are chasing joy — they’ve just been duped into thinking killing themselves is the answer. The gospel, though, provides a better answer.

All You Need Is Love: A Sermon from Galatians 5

Our society makes much of love. It’s the central point of conflict for countless movies, shows, books, songs, and all manner of entertainment pieces. But what is love? What is true love, biblical love? The world has confused lust for love so much that Christians have become similarly confused as to what true love is — and if you’ve never been told what true love is, you’ve never really loved at all.