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Pollution, Sunsets, Grace, & Glory

I must confess to you that I don’t often sit and thank God for sunsets. They’re sequestered with those other divine blessings that are easily overlooked and forgotten. With ease, we daily, hourly even, forget the blessings we’ve been gifted by grace.

Matt Chandler’s The Explicit Gospel

One of the longest standing debates among evangelicals remains that over the so-called “social gospel.” That is, the largely Protestant movement that sought to apply biblical principles and ethics in order to solve the world’s gravest of social scandals, such as race, poverty, alcoholism, education, and environmental issues, to name a few.

Confessions in a Symphony of Grace

When I see myself as I am, I’ll grasp a clearer vision of grace. When I’m honestly able to say, like the prophet Isaiah, that I’m lost, undone, and a “man of unclean lips,” it’s then that the glory of the gospel shines ever brighter.