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Welcome to the First Church of Mount Everest

Our society is runs on achievement. It’s the fuel that powers our motivational motors. As long as we’re getting ahead of the next person, we’re fulfilling our purpose. Everything is a competition and this life is our playing field. I don’t think there’s a more pristine example of this than the recent phenomena of “overcrowding” on the highest point of elevation in the entire world: Mount Everest.

Pejorative Piety

One of the things you get used to if you talk about this thing called “grace” often enough, is sooner or later you’ll be looked down on by your peers. Now, if that be the case, maybe you need to find new peers.

A Watched Pot Never Boils

I like how one Dutch Reformed theologian put it: “The good seed cannot flourish when it is repeatedly dug up for the purpose of examining its growth.” Or, as the saying goes, “A watched pot never boils.”

The Backwards Reality of Christian Growth

Growing up in church and having Sunday School be apart of your molecular composition, as it were, there are certain stories that stand out from among the others, especially if you’re a young boy. As a budding male specimen, certain themes and details appeal to you more than others as the teacher trudges his way through Old Testament accounts, most notably, the “action scenes.”

A Cavernous Gospel

So much of what we know and think about the Christian life is, frankly, wrong. We’ve grown up too ingratiated and too inundated by the performance-driven society in which we live, that it’s hard — nigh impossible — for us to escape its mighty grip.