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God’s Divine Cross-Centered Purpose

Despite being a large book with a vast history, the Bible tells one story. This, indeed, is what makes it such a miraculous book. Even though its pages comprise words and letters from 40 different authors, spanning approximately 1,500 years, the Bible has one note, one plot line: Christ crucified for sinners.

Youth Group Culture: Fully Known

What is the greatest thing about the gospel? This may seem like an unanswerable question, or an undeserved distinction that’s little more than debate fodder for those who have nothing better to do with their time or academic sophistications than split theological hairs.

New Clothes

You’re filthy. You’re grimy and grungy, so soiled and stained with sin that it’s hopeless and impossible for you to try and get clean. For you to wash yourself is a categorical impossibility. Under the divine gaze of the eternal Godhead, you stand guilty, and, under the righteous condemnation of his law, you’re culpable of every offense.