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You Don’t Have to Be Great

Renowned Scottish philosopher, writer, and historian Thomas Carlyle once quipped, “The History of the World [is] the Biography of Great Men.” Carlyle, himself, was one of the leading proponents of the “Great Man” theory, which sought to explain the course of history by the impact of “great men,” or heroes.

There Are No Great Men: A Sermon from Hebrews 11

We laud them and praise them and, sometimes, to a degree, worship them. We call them the “heroes of the faith,” yet if you were to really investigate the course of their life, you’d quickly find that they’re anything but heroes. More often than not, the figures that populate the “hall of faith” chapter in Hebrews 11 are just as conflicted, corrupted, and confused as you and me. That’s because they are just like you and me: they’re sinners.