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Confidential Christianity: A Sermon from John 3, 7, & 19

John 3 is, perhaps, the most famous chapter in all the Bible. It certainly contains the most famous verse in John 3:16. But the scene in which this verse takes place is often overlooked. The conversation between Jesus of Nazareth and Nicodemus the Pharisee is intriguing in its own right, but what’s most curious is the way their dialogue ends. What happened to Nicodemus after that twilight conversation with Christ?

Secret Service: A Sermon from John 3, 7, & 19

One of the most famous verses in the entire Bible comes from John 3 and Jesus’s dialogue with the Pharisee, Nicodemus. Though the verse, John 3:16, has almost become common parlance in certain spheres, the true import and lasting effects of Jesus’s conversation have largely gone unnoticed. What happened to Nicodemus after his twilight talk with Christ? Look no further than the rest of John’s Gospel.

Secret Service

Those words of Christ, which read, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life,” have been so popularized throughout history, near colloquial, that even unbelievers and non-followers of Jesus are, at the very least, familiar with the words.