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Of Mud & Marigolds

The lessons drawn from Ecclesiastes are some of the most pivotal in the entire Bible. I say that because it’s a book that speaks to us where we are: in the rubble of “once-Eden.” The Teacher doesn’t make excuses for the life we live “under the sun.”

Joy & the Terrible Search: A Sermon from Ecclesiastes 1 & 3

French theologian and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “All men seek happiness . . . This is the motive of every action of man, even of those who hang themselves.” The brazenness of this quote reveals a startling truth: everyone’s looking for lasting joy. Even those who commit suicide are chasing joy — they’ve just been duped into thinking killing themselves is the answer. The gospel, though, provides a better answer.

The Joy of the Gospel

A lot of things promise us joy. We’re basically guaranteed this through innovative and flamboyant marketing schemes that get shoved down our throats. Yes, I’m talking about commercials.

Our Better, Happy Father: A Sermon from 1 Timothy 1

We all have different relationships with our fathers. Some hate their fathers; others have fathers they adore. Some are absent; others are lovingly present. There’s beauty and brokenness in every home, especially when it comes to dads. Unfortunately, we’ve ascribed much of our own interactions and feelings and emotions we have for our dads to our Heavenly Father. But God is a much better, truer father.