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The Paradox of Pastoral Preaching

At times, evangelical Christianity can be a paradox. For as much as Protestants have spurned Roman Catholicism, they’re much more Catholic than they’d ever like to admit. By which, I mean, we operate with a stricter conditionality that we’d probably ever feel comfortable confessing.

The Beast of Sin & the Hammer of the Law: A Sermon from Daniel 4

There is a beast lurking within all of us. An animal we often feed without realizing until it rears its ugly head and roars for all to hear. This beast affects us all, from Adam all the way down. The story of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar perfectly illustrates and portrays the tragedies of feeding this beast. The beast of sin is pride and the hammer that defeats it is the law.

Two Types of Churchgoers: A Sermon from Luke 18

The churchgoers that populate the pews every Sunday each come with their own backstory. For good or ill, they’ve been drawn to church. But notwithstanding their circumstances, God’s gospel perfectly speaks to them in their need. Whether you’re running from God in rebellion or trying to win God’s favor with your religion, his grace is for you.

#14: On Grace, Law, & Gospel with Dan Price

In this edition of Ministry Minded, I was honored to speak with Dan Price. Dan’s an ardent grace-addict, like myself, and I so appreciate his ministry through the Christ Hold Fast organization. In this lengthy conversation, we dive into the good news of the gospel and what it really means.