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On a Biblical Understanding of Marriage

As the church finds its governance and guide in the steadfast words of Scripture, so do these same Scriptures serve to inform one of the true biblical and evangelical understanding of holy matrimony. Couples desiring to unite themselves in the bonds of marriage ought to understand this biblical view of the marriage relationship.

For His Name’s Sake

There is found sublime truth and testimony to not only God’s gracious choice of us but also our function as his children in the often overlooked letter of 3rd John. A book of only fourteen verses, making it the shortest of the New Testament books, and yet within its sentiments lies a candid message about the local church.

Grace Falls on the Grenade

On a summer day in 2008, Thomas and Romayne McGinnis were presented with the highest honor that can be received in any branch of the United States military, that is, the Medal of Honor. The McGinnis’ accepted the award on behalf of their deceased son, Private First Class Ross McGinnis.

The Divine Portrait of Love

Whenever preachers get up to speak about the topic of love, they usually go to passages like 1 Corinthians 13. They are apt to do so — for there, under the Spirit’s design and influence, the apostle Paul gives the Christian the most complete view of love we’ve ever been given.

All You Need Is Love: A Sermon from Galatians 5

Our society makes much of love. It’s the central point of conflict for countless movies, shows, books, songs, and all manner of entertainment pieces. But what is love? What is true love, biblical love? The world has confused lust for love so much that Christians have become similarly confused as to what true love is — and if you’ve never been told what true love is, you’ve never really loved at all.

Your God’s Too Big

Nine days. For nine days our pet German Shepherd/Retriever mix named Chloe was lost to us. I should’ve seen it coming, though. We moved from an area in West Palm Beach, Florida that provided more than enough property Chloe to sprint and play and dig (I hated that part).

A Savior vs. Santa: Merry Christmas, Sinners!

Growing up, I never really believed in Santa Claus. You can call that a parenting travesty if you wish. I don’t, however. I am thankful that it was never instilled in me to believe in this omniscient, omnipresent man who’d reward you on December 25th for all the good you’ve done throughout the past 360-odd days.

Loving Difficult People

Of all the traits that are to be associated with believers, perhaps the hardest (at least for me) is remaining patient and kind with difficult people. I’m sure you’re familiar with these sorts of individuals — co-workers, classmates, associates, even friends in your circle that, for whatever reason, just irritate and aggravate you to no end.

Our Mindful Maker

When you think about God, what comes to mind? What’s the first idea, character trait, or personality that you imagine? What’s the first thing that pops into your head? For most, “God” is not really a reality at all, he’s more of an idea.

Is Love All You Really Need?

This world makes much of “love.” It’s the centerpiece of countless movies, books, paintings, and songs. Love is everywhere. We’re so inundated and bombarded with the notion of love — of falling in love and being in love — that it seems impossible for us to escape the idea that love is all you need.

Love Your Neighbor

The contention between Christ and the Pharisees is a recurring theme throughout the Gospels. In each account of the Messiah’s earthly ministry, numerous episodes are given of the Pharisees’ incessant quest to test and dismantle Christ’s claims.