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All Scripture Is Pure Christ: A Sermon from 2 Corinthians 1, Acts 8, Luke 24

How would you answer the question, “What is the Bible about?” What is its point? Its message? Its overarching story? There are over 30,000 verses and 66 books in the canonical Scriptures, but what are they all saying? Churchgoers ought to know what their Bible says. It only makes sense if the system of belief that defines your entire life is derived from a book that you know what that book says. Such is modern Christianity’s biggest problem: the utter lack of biblical understanding.

Reading the Bible Rightly: A Sermon from Luke 24

A Christian’s vitality and victory in life is intimately tied to their relationship with the Word of God. Unfortunately, not only is the Bible being largely ignored by a large swath of so-called believers, perhaps even more dangerous is the trend of reading the Bible wrongly. With truncated and false views of what the Bible says and means, so is the spiritual life of the Christian stunted and flimsily built.

Your Best Life Now?: A Sermon from Luke 24

Fundamental to the life of any disciple is a knowledge of the Word of God. Sadly, there are scores of disciples who have a limited knowledge and understanding of the Bible. This usually stems from a truncated view of Scripture. There’s a grave need, then, in knowing what exactly the Bible has to say and whose story it tells.