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The Self-Description of the Savior: A Sermon from Matthew 11

If you were forced to describe yourself in one sentence, what would you say? What would you say if you could only use one word? However you would describe yourself, it is certainly very unlike how Jesus describes himself. Instead of asserting his dominance and authority through coercion and force, Christ proclaims a gospel of the kingdom that is predicated on meekness.

Meekness Isn’t Weakness

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I used the word “meekness” in a sentence. Regardless if it’s written or in conversation, it’s not a word that frequents my vocabulary. I’m betting you can’t remember when you used it last either.

Meekness Is Not Weakness: A Sermon from Galatians 5

Many make the mistake in believing that meekness is a trait that is associated with weakness. If you are a meek person, you’re a doormat, a person who gets walked over by the CEOs and superstars. But such an understanding completely misses what meekness is. Furthermore, meekness isn’t merely “strength under control.” In actuality, meekness is understanding where your true strength lies.