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Breaking Through Our Blindness: A Sermon from Mark 8

Mark 8 is, perhaps, the lynchpin chapter of Mark’s Gospel account. In it, we have the apostle Peter’s confession of The Christ. But it also records for us one of the strangest miracles written down in Scripture. As Jesus heals the blind man from Bethsaida, he was making a specific and significant point to his apostles (and us). Through it, he was revealing who he is and who he is for.

The Day Unlike Any Other Day: A Sermon from Joshua 10

The Bible is as much a History Book as it is a Revelation Book. All the events and stories and people recorded therein are historical, factual, and real. “Scholars” and “experts” like to discount the Bible as nothing more than fiction and fantasy, full of mythical tales and legends from times gone by. But the truth of the Bible stands tall and has been proven over and over to be authoritative and accurate in everything it says.

An Everyday Miracle

Among the things that unite us as human beings, I believe one is our common desire to see miracles — to see the things that seem to defy nature, physics, and the limits of the human comprehension. The kind of miracles we like to see are things like half-court shots, last-second touchdowns, buzzer-beating jumpers, walk-off home runs, etc.