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Jesus Is Always Worth It

In November of 1887, a boy by the name of William Whiting Borden was born. He’s undoubtedly unknown to you, and that’s probably how he would’ve wanted it. Nevertheless, in his day, Borden was a noteworthy descendant of a significant family.

Love Your Neighbor

The contention between Christ and the Pharisees is a recurring theme throughout the Gospels. In each account of the Messiah’s earthly ministry, numerous episodes are given of the Pharisees’ incessant quest to test and dismantle Christ’s claims.

Our Great Commission

Jesus’s “Great Commission” to his disciples is, perhaps, one of the more celebrated texts of Scripture out there. Found in Matthew 28, Mark 16, and Acts 1, these verses serve as the mission statement for modern believers.

Is It Worth It?

William Borden was a man of great affluence, having been born into the home of William and Mary Borden, a family of great significance in the city of Chicago and the owners of a prosperous silver mine in Colorado. Upon graduating from high school at age 16, William was gifted a trip around the world from his parents.