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On Stranger Things, Salvation, & the Seriousness of Life

Call me a sucker for the ’80s and I’d probably agree with you. Give me a smooth pop song stuffed with synth and I’ll be happy, especially if Phil Collins or Steve Perry busts out the vocals. I know this isn’t a nostalgia thing because I was born in 1990. Ergo, all of my knowledge of ’80s society is derived from the nostalgia-laden entertainment of those looking back on the decade with rose-colored glasses. Such is why I think I have been won over by Netflix’s flagship original series, Stranger Things.

Remembering My Poppy

Last Saturday, October 15, my Poppy went home to be with the Lord. Fortunately, I was able to see him and speak to him before he passed. I was also asked to share something at the funeral proceedings.