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Sour Grapes & Stale Crackers

I’m a lifelong Baptist and I’ve always been in church. Both my grandfathers served as pastors at various points in their lives, and my dad still ministers at a Baptist church in upstate South Carolina. Consequently, my understanding of the faith and practice of Christianity didn’t come with much in the way of liturgy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing or something of which I’m resentful — it’s just a fact.

Green Jackets vs. White Robes: A Sermon from Zechariah 3

Zechariah 3 commences the fourth vision of the Lord to the prophet Zechariah. The first, second, and third visions having told of the future spiritual restoration of the nation of Israel, give way to the fourth vision, as if to answer the prophet’s inquiry, “How?” How will God accomplish this restoration? How will a righteous God clear the names of the guilty?

Comforting Words for the End Times: A Sermon from Revelation 1

Whenever I hear a speaker open with the words, “Turn to the Book of Revelation,” I tend to get a little uneasy. I get nervous because I never know how that speaker is going to handle the mysterious material in the book. Oftentimes, the comfort derived out of Revelation is from “knowing what’s going to happen.” But, very plainly, that’s not even close to the comfort Jesus gives.

It’s the Little Things

We recently took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to see the Boston Celtics face off against the Golden State Warriors in the TD Garden in the heart of downtown Boston. This was easily one of my favorite experiences. As an ardent NBA fan, and Golden State hater, it was a joy to join the virulent Celtic-fanbase in throwing jeers at the visiting Warriors players.

Seeking Comfort for the End of the World

I tend to get apprehensive whenever a speaker stands and tells me they’re going to unravel the mystery of the Book of Revelation. I shift in my seat and start to feel uneasy as they delve into the signification and symbolism of all the illustrative passages of the Bible’s most perplexing book.

Joy & the Terrible Search: A Sermon from Ecclesiastes 1 & 3

French theologian and philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “All men seek happiness . . . This is the motive of every action of man, even of those who hang themselves.” The brazenness of this quote reveals a startling truth: everyone’s looking for lasting joy. Even those who commit suicide are chasing joy — they’ve just been duped into thinking killing themselves is the answer. The gospel, though, provides a better answer.

Prayer the Great Humiliator

I know I’ve said this before, but I basically grew up in Sunday School. My dad’s been in a senior pastorate position since 1998. Before that, he was serving as youth and assistant pastor for a few different congregations.

The Joy of the Gospel

A lot of things promise us joy. We’re basically guaranteed this through innovative and flamboyant marketing schemes that get shoved down our throats. Yes, I’m talking about commercials.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Psalm CXIX Part 19

It is an understatement to say that the psalmist was familiar with adversity. And, like most great songwriters, the best lines often come from the darkest places. The majority of composers and lyricists will tell you that their most influential work was done while enduring the worst sorts of trauma in other areas of their life.

Suffering Honestly: A Sermon from Romans 8

The tragedies of life are the parts that remain the most perplexing. It is difficult to understand why a particularly traumatic season is allowed to endure. Sadly, some that have tried to explain these situations and reason away the pain and adversity have done more harm than good to those who are truly hurting. Thus, a fresh look at the apostle Paul’s discussion of suffering in Romans 8.