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The Necessity for Divine Intervention: A Sermon from Matthew 15

In Matthew 15, Jesus’s disciples are accused of forsaking the law and propagating lawless doctrine. Christ’s response to these accusations isn’t to explain their actions so much as it is to enhance the accuser’s and his disciples’ and, by proxy, our own understanding the law. It is much more rigid than we think. In fact, you might even say, it’s impossible. But, as Christ makes clear, that’s good news.

Two Types of Churchgoers: A Sermon from Luke 18

The churchgoers that populate the pews every Sunday each come with their own backstory. For good or ill, they’ve been drawn to church. But notwithstanding their circumstances, God’s gospel perfectly speaks to them in their need. Whether you’re running from God in rebellion or trying to win God’s favor with your religion, his grace is for you.

Fakers & Fugitives

I love church. I’m not saying that to sound spiritual or super Christian or anything like that, I’m saying that because I honestly love going to church and being at church and hanging out with fellow churchgoers.