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Happy Thanksgiving!

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving 2016. It seems as though this year has flown by, or time is getting shorter — I don’t really know which is the case. Regardless, despite all that’s happened this year thus far, I can honestly say I’m more aware of what I need to be thankful for than ever.

Preserved by the Word: Psalm CXIX Part 8

We come to part 8 of Psalm 119 and the psalmist continues his extravagant praise of the Word of God and the God of the Word. Truly, there’s no possession like that of God. Nothing can compare to him. All the wealth, riches, and extravagance of the world is but a fleck of dust.

Life in the Word: Psalm CXIX Part 3

In the pages of Scripture we not only find the way to live amongst our fellow Christian brothers and sisters, and our non-Christian relations, but, more significantly, we find the way to life, as imparted by the Holy Spirit and founded upon the work of the Lord Jesus on the cross.