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The Beast of the Field in Your Own Heart: A Sermon from Daniel 4

In chapter 4 of Daniel’s prophecy, a Babylonian king is transformed into a “beast of the field.” Pride has been doing the same thing ever since. Such is what happens when we attempt to usurp God’s rightful place as King of our lives — when we think we can be “like God.” To give into pride is the Serpent’s great ruse. (Gen. 3:5) It’s to believe the lie that we are sufficient, we are sovereign, we are superior, so much so that we can fabricate our own goodness and chase our own glory without consequence. Pride is “the beast of the field” that lurks in all our hearts.

Fireworks & Faith

I love fireworks. I have very fond memories of watching the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on television. As weird as it may sound to *watch* fireworks on a TV screen, I loved the concert and fanfare of it all, especially when they’d time the pyrotechnics to pulsating pop numbers.

Honestly, Nothing

I think it’s funny how we as humans don’t learn, not very well, that is. Sure, there are geniuses and prodigies who fly through the higher education systems and “learn” faster than others. But, overall, mankind hasn’t progressed too much from where we started.