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The God of Grief, Grace, & Glory: A Sermon from Psalm 18

Among the most revered of the Psalms is Psalm 18. Its lyrical marvel, brimming with magnificent language that desirous of one thing: God’s glory. As King David reflects on his life and the many deliverances throughout which came at his God’s hand, he’s inspired to pen this wondrous psalm. But David’s song of deliverance is our song too.

Blessed Be Our Rock-Like God

I don’t think there’s a more beautifully written book of the Bible than the Book of the Psalms. When you read the Psalms, you’re reading the only divinely inspired songbook in existence. It’s essentially a collection of Hebrew poems and anthems that were used in public worship services.

A Rock Song for You & Me: A Sermon from Psalm 18

Psalm 18 is one of David’s most recognized psalms. It is a highly regarded piece of poetry, not only for its biblical weight but for its lyrical beauty. Yet, the true weight and glory of Psalm 18 is unfolded once you are taken captive by that which captivated the psalmist himself. Namely, the all-surpassing, never-stopping deliverance of his God.