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On the Primacy of the Pulpit & Throwing Shade at Puritan Preaching

I’ve taken to reading Patrick Fairbairn’s Pastoral Theology: A Treatise on the Office and Duties of the Christian Pastor. In the work, he delves into the multifarious characteristics and aspects of the pastorate. The bulk of the discourses derive, mainly, out his lectures on the Pastoral Epistles on which he also has a published commentary par excellence. In chapter four, “The More Special Duties of the Pastoral Office,” Fairbairn spends considerable time discussing the primacy and preeminence of the sermon.

Thomas Adam’s Private Thoughts on Religion

What’s interesting to note about centuries-old preachers and theologians is their absolute devotion to Christ. And while many of the writings of the Puritan “divines” are received with angst and hesitation nowadays, the vast majority of them intended solely to bring attention to the Lord Jesus.