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So Will I: A Brief Resurrection Reflection

First Corinthians 15 is a chapter brimming with cruciform language. The apostle Paul’s symphony to the Church at Corinth crescendos into a 58-verse movement whose melody is the resurrection. From the first word to the last, Paul endeavors to draw the readers’ attention to the veracity of the resurrection.

New Year, New Me, Same Old Grace

The irony is not lost on me with what I’m going to announce today. Go back twelve months to January 2017 and you’ll find an eerily similar piece I wrote about a season of “transitions and change” that Natalie and I were bracing for. A new chapter was supposedly opening up for us.

#21: The State of the Podcast

In this episode of Ministry Minded, I attempt to speak to the whirlwind that has been the year 2017. Filled with seemingly more ebbs and flows than normal, this year has been a veritable maelstrom of emotions and seasons of life. Trying to make sense of it all would be nigh impossible — if not for God’s grace.

The Stamina to Be Invisible

There’s a quote I read recently and I can’t get it out of my mind. So, I hope to get it stuck in yours too. It comes from Zack Eswine’s superb book, The Imperfect Pastor. And it’s not so much an inspiring or earth-shattering sentence that’s easily tweetable.

Thankful for Silence

We usually get really sentimental, grateful, and thankful around these times. The holiday season, from right after Halloween till right after New Year’s, tends to conjure all kinds of nostalgia and obligatory reunions, thoughts of home, family, and love, all of which have, regrettably, not much residual effect on 21st century society.

Jesus’s Beautiful Forgiveness

In a previous discussion, we were dissecting Psalm 32 and analyzing the stages of sin. There’s no more miserable state to be in than the mire of unconfessed sin. This might leave some of you asking, “Is there a way out of the mire of sin? Is there any hope for a filthy sinner like me?” Well, the answer: a resounding Yes!