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Assurance: A Sermon from Psalm 119

In the fifth stanza of Psalm 119, there is a clear picture of King David praying to God for assurance of his repentance. Prayers for assurance are, perhaps, the most popular prayers among believers, especially young believers. We all go through seasons of doubt, though — seasons wherein we crave and crawl for anything to give us assurance of heaven.

Sola: Revisiting the Substructures of the Reformation

One of my favorite eras of church history is undoubtedly that of the Reformation. I am so intrigued by the events that led up to that fateful day when Luther ignited the fire that would soon sweep across all of Europe. Though many historians much smarter than I would be quick to correct that notion, citing several heralds of Reformational doctrine long before Luther’s influence came to the fore.

The Comprehensiveness of Grace

One of the core Reformational ideas that many ascribe to today is what is known as sola gratia, or “grace alone.” This Latin phrase is one of the pillars of the Reformation, the five solae, which were advocated in order to summarize the foundational structure upon which the Reformers’ took their stand.