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All You Need Is Love: A Sermon from Galatians 5

Our society makes much of love. It’s the central point of conflict for countless movies, shows, books, songs, and all manner of entertainment pieces. But what is love? What is true love, biblical love? The world has confused lust for love so much that Christians have become similarly confused as to what true love is — and if you’ve never been told what true love is, you’ve never really loved at all.

Loving Difficult People

Of all the traits that are to be associated with believers, perhaps the hardest (at least for me) is remaining patient and kind with difficult people. I’m sure you’re familiar with these sorts of individuals — co-workers, classmates, associates, even friends in your circle that, for whatever reason, just irritate and aggravate you to no end.

Is Love All You Really Need?

This world makes much of “love.” It’s the centerpiece of countless movies, books, paintings, and songs. Love is everywhere. We’re so inundated and bombarded with the notion of love — of falling in love and being in love — that it seems impossible for us to escape the idea that love is all you need.