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Remembrance: A Sermon from Psalm 119

There is, perhaps, no more human quality (fault) than forgetfulness. No sooner are we told something than we are in need of being reminded. Such is the fickleness and forgetfulness of human finality. I, too, confess to being a forgetful person, to the point where I have to write tasks, ideas down in order to be reminded to remember them. Such, too, is why David is writing in Psalm 119.

Advent Angst

For many, Christmas is anything but the “most wonderful time of the year.” Rather, it’s the most excruciatingly, painfully dark time of the year. It reminds them of past “would’a-coulda’s” and “should’ve-been’s.” The gifts received are nothing compared to the treasures lost.

The Mystery of Service

Somehow, there’s a disconnect. Somewhere along the way, focus is lost and distractions dominate. What’s significant loses its luster because of the effort that it requires. As fallen mankind, we lack the necessary consideration and wherewithal obligated by such a decree.