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Repent: A Sermon from Psalm 119

In Psalm 119, David’s weakness is obvious to him. His time in the Word has made him honest about his life. Throughout the stanzas, but especially the fourth, he doesn’t cushion or embellish who he is — rather, he readily confesses his weakness. He readily admits that his soul is addicted to dust.

The Urgency & Currency of the Gospel: A Sermon from Revelation 3

At the beginning of Revelation, John is instructed by Christ himself to record his marvelous visions and accompany his writings with specific missives to the “seven churches in Asia.” (Rev. 1:4, 11) What’s clear in each of the seven letters is Jesus’s inexorable determination to stir and to strengthen the faith of his children in each church body. It’s no different in the seventh of these letters to the church at Laodicea, in which the Spirit of God seeks to disrupt their leisurely lives with the urgency and currency of the gospel.

Ascension by Descension

We Christians are a forgetful bunch. We’re often confused and discombobulated. We so desperately want our goodness and virtue to account for something we’ve misrepresented the entire course of the Christian life — we’ve deemed our pious performance to be of greater weight, importance, and significance than the performing Person.

Unilateral Love to the Unlovely: A Sermon from Luke 19

The story of Zacchaeus from Luke's Gospel remains ubiquitous in church settings mostly because of the quaint children's ditty that usually accompanies its retelling. The story of the "wee little man," however, is much more significant than we realize, shedding brilliant light on the power of grace and unilateral love — both of which our Savior embodies, for Zacchaeus and for us.