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How the 24-Hour News Cycle Is Killing Us

Quickness is the god of the moment. One need only scan the trending stories to understand that the world’s citizens are bowing in front of the altar of what is newer and faster. The advent of social media and rapid influx of information available has only exacerbated this reality.

Waiting, Resting, & Learning

It’s been nearly a month since my last real column. I took that break for a few reasons, chiefly among them to recharge and refocus myself after the torrent of the weeks before. And wouldn’t you know it, that when you ask God to help you slow down, he obliges?

Good Intentions

I wake up at 5 AM, 7 days a week. This is done with the good intentions to do either some reading or writing during the quiet waking hours of the day. I started this routine some time last year somewhat out of necessity.

Mediocre Grace

If you were to engage any theologian or biblical scholar with a question regarding Christianity, you’d most likely get a lot more information than you’d ever want. The doctrines and words of the Bible have been defined and dissected and parsed and redefined countless times, all in the effort of determining the truth of the Word of God.

Thankful for Silence

We usually get really sentimental, grateful, and thankful around these times. The holiday season, from right after Halloween till right after New Year’s, tends to conjure all kinds of nostalgia and obligatory reunions, thoughts of home, family, and love, all of which have, regrettably, not much residual effect on 21st century society.

In the Shadow of the Almighty

The Bible is riddled with imagery. Throughout its pages we find grand metaphors and figures-of-speech, and other literary devices, that are designed for you, the reader, to imagine and visualize the intent of the Author. These images give us greater insight into the message of Scripture.