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Obedience That’s Already Finished

The rich young ruler’s inquiry to the Lord Jesus in Mark 10:17–22 (along with Matt. 19:16–22; Luke 10:25–28) remains increasingly prescient for us today. I would say that it’s most likely the hottest burning question on everyone’s tongue, even if it’s not explicitly admitted; that question being, “How do I secure a spot in heaven?”

Christianity & the Midvale School for the Gifted: A Sermon from Matthew 19

One of Christ’s most famous interactions is certainly his terse conversation with the rich young ruler in Matthew 19. The young man who sought to justify himself was abruptly met with the inflexibility of God’s law, as Jesus exposes the frailty of the young man’s own righteousness. Notwithstanding the young ruler’s giftedness and spirituality, Christ makes plain that the only righteousness heaven accepts is that of heavenly origin.

The Impossibility of Salvation

The salvation of wretched sinners by an omni-holy and forever-righteous God is, by all accounts, a categorical impossibility. The logic of righteousness insists as much, not permitting even the smallest ounce of sin to blemish the remarkable majesty of the Lord’s perfection.

The Genuine Permanency of Love

One of the core constituents upon which modern society is built is that of competition — you work hard, you get rewarded. We thrive on competition; it’s in our DNA to want to beat our peers at whatever task is in front us.

Sin & the Self-Justification Architects

It’s pretty clear there’s a problem. Every day, every hour we’re given palpable evidence of mankind’s rampant sin and wickedness. There’s definitely something wrong with the world around us. All over the globe we see widespread death, starvation, and disease.

The Backwards Reality of Christian Growth

Growing up in church and having Sunday School be apart of your molecular composition, as it were, there are certain stories that stand out from among the others, especially if you’re a young boy. As a budding male specimen, certain themes and details appeal to you more than others as the teacher trudges his way through Old Testament accounts, most notably, the “action scenes.”

The Mystery of Service

Somehow, there’s a disconnect. Somewhere along the way, focus is lost and distractions dominate. What’s significant loses its luster because of the effort that it requires. As fallen mankind, we lack the necessary consideration and wherewithal obligated by such a decree.

Law-Abiding Citizens

Among the things that perturb me about modern Christianity is our residual clinging to a sort of “Christian-karma.” You’ve probably read this frustration from me before, but with some recent events in my own life, I feel as though Christians still just don’t get it.

Unflinching Favor

One of the hardest life-lessons to learn, and, consequently, one of the most difficult truths to fully apprehend, is God’s unflinching favor. As humans, hearing of something (or Someone) that is unflinching, unwavering, unremitting, is so foreign.