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Grace Fell on the Grenade: A Sermon from Romans 5

The Lord’s Table is a special place and time for the deepest form of Christian worship. It is a time for serious rejoicing — serious in that it is reverential, but also joyful in that we celebrate the Lord’s victory over sin, death, and grave. The communion service is not a funeral dirge — we are not grieving a dead king but glorying in a risen Savior. Such is what the gospel tells us and what the Table shows us.

Grace Falls on the Grenade

On a summer day in 2008, Thomas and Romayne McGinnis were presented with the highest honor that can be received in any branch of the United States military, that is, the Medal of Honor. The McGinnis’ accepted the award on behalf of their deceased son, Private First Class Ross McGinnis.

Rejoice in Christ

The colloquial saying has proven true, that “Familiarity breeds contempt.” What an odd paradox it is that Christ-followers, the people who have the *most* to be joyful in and about, are often the most solemn, unhappy, joyless individuals.